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Medicare at Fifty and the Near $200-Billion Surplus from Immigrant Contributions

July 29, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 29, 2015 CONTACT Sarah Doolin, Partnership for a New American Economy, Medicare at Fifty and the Near $200-Billion Surplus from Immigrant Contributions The Partnership Announces a Two-Month Campaign on Immigration and the United States Healthcare System New York, NY — With tomorrow being the 50th anniversary of Medicare, the Partnership…

From an ‘Undocumented’ Boyhood to a Doctorate

July 23, 2015

As Dan-el Padilla Peralta toggled fluidly between worlds for much of his life — ancient and modern, poor and privileged, Dominican and American — there were times when he managed to forget he was a child without a country. He found refuge in New York’s libraries, the Greek and Latin texts speaking to him even…

GOP needs much bigger share of Latino vote for ‘16 win, study finds

July 20, 2015

Republicans probably need as much as 47 percent of the Latino vote next year to win the presidency, according to a new study, and current polls suggest that could be tough to reach. A study released Friday by Latino Decisions, which specializes in Latino public opinion research, said that if the white vote is 59…

New data suggest GOP 2016 nominee will need to win nearly half of Latino vote

July 20, 2015

New research out Friday shows that Republicans will need a larger slice of Latino voters than previously thought if they hope to win the White House in 2016, creating an even tougher hurdle for the eventual nominee. Thanks to changing demographics, the conventional math that once said the GOP would need to win a minimum…

Let’s talk meaningful, achievable immigration reform

July 20, 2015

The great joy of the Iowa Presidential Caucuses is that every idea gets its moment in the spotlight. That can be the great nuisance of the caucuses as well when some of those issues devolve into pandering to a small, hard-core audience. Because it is so important for presidential candidates to be seen reaching out…

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