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Immigration Reform Would Alleviate America’s Aging Crisis, New Research Briefs Show

August 25, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2015 CONTACT: Sarah Doolin, Immigration Reform Would Alleviate America’s Aging Crisis, New Research Briefs Show New York, NY—To mark Senior Citizens Day, which honors the elderly and their role in American life, the Partnership for a New American Economy released four research briefs that examine the role immigrants play in alleviating…

Chicago Aldermen, Advocates Release City Proposals To Strengthen Immigrant Integration

August 20, 2015

Chicago aldermen and immigrant advocates unveiled a list of proposals Tuesday aimed at improving the lives of immigrants across the city. Issues of language access, legal representation, safety and services for immigrants are addressed in the Chicago Immigration Policy Working Group’s six-point immigrant integration plan. The newly-formed working group is comprised of three Chicago council members, Alds. Susan…

For Hispanic Conservatives, Alarm Over Immigration Debate

August 19, 2015

When Donald Trump used the word “criminals” to describe illegal immigrants from Mexico, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly called his comments “extremely counterproductive.” Now, listen to the more personal language that Gonzalo Ferrer, the national chairman of the group, uses to describes Mr. Trump’s most recent contributions to the immigration debate: “Extremely bigoted, offensive to all Hispanic-Americans, unconstitutional…

Struggling U.S. farmers are paying Mexican laborers up to $17 an hour

August 18, 2015

Farmers are struggling to make ends meet because of labor problems U.S. policymakers didn’t foresee when strengthening anti-immigration laws. Latino laborers, once subjugated to backbreaking work conditions for a fraction of what other American jobs pay, are being welcomed with raised wages, improved medical benefits, and cheaper housing costs by farm owners desperate to solve…

Strawberry fields forever needing more laborers, even at $17 hour

August 18, 2015

Some people who advocate for tighter controls on immigration say that the measures are necessary in order to protect jobs for American citizens. However, it is not always the case that Americans want those jobs—no matter the wage. But what does that say about our national work ethic? The Wall Street Journal reported last week…

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