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Nashville’s Hispanic community is vibrant, successful

October 13, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month, which started on Sept. 15, is coming to an end, and while it celebrates the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to this country’s economy and culture, millions live in the shadows, unable to fully work and live freely and independently here in the U.S., because of their immigration status. When I…

Loss of high-skilled immigrants hurts growth, wages

October 13, 2014

Deepthi Valli is weighing choices she’d rather not have to make: Return to India or enroll in graduate school. It doesn’t appear she can keep working at Cerner Corp. Valli, 26, is one of thousands of highly skilled foreign-born employees whose U.S. employers can’t get the work visas needed to keep them employed. Federal limits…

10 Polls Proving Public Support for Immigration Reform

October 7, 2014

86% of Republicans believe Congress should take action to fix the immigration system – Harper Polling, June 2014 78% of GOP primary voters support a step-by-step approach to immigration reform – North Star Opinion Research, June 2014 71% of voters back sweeping change to immigration laws – Politico, May 2014 89% of Latino voters said…

Letter: Immigration policy reform necessary

October 6, 2014

Our American colleges and universities have a proud tradition of educating the world’s best and brightest. Parents from all over the world send their kids here for their education. Guess what happens after they graduate? Our broken immigration system gives them six months to get out of our country. Many of them would like to…

Labor shortage looms: Record crops coming and Mid-Columbia farmers not ready

October 5, 2014

Columbia Basin and Yakima Valley farmers are looking for skilled workers to hand pick apples, harvest wine grapes, sort newly harvested onions and weed rows of blueberry bushes. They need them now, but finding enough workers is tough because of localized shortages of seasonal, skilled farmworkers and a tight labor supply statewide. While the difficulties…

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