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NFL Draft Day: Top Prospect Mackensie Alexander is Son of Immigrants

April 28, 2016

Today is NFL Draft Day and college football players are nervously awaiting the opportunity to play for the big league. Football fans will get a sense of what’s in store for their team this year and Fantasy Football enthusiasts will start scouting for the most promising picks of the season. To mark the day, we…

Manischewitz: One Immigrant’s Matzo Success Story

April 25, 2016

The annual Jewish holiday of Passover began this past weekend and will be observed by Jews worldwide until this Saturday. Passover marks the freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery and their biblical Exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. To mark this religious holiday, PNAE takes a look at the history of Jewish…

Weekend Reading: Highlights from this week’s immigration news (April 18 – 22)

April 22, 2016

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court (WSJ) began hearing oral arguments in the state-led effort to block President Obama’s expanded executive orders, DAPA and an expanded DACA program. With the recent death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the high court could end in a 4-4 deadlock, effectively halting the programs until the next administration. This week also…

Earth Day: Immigrant Contributions to Clean Tech in America

April 22, 2016

Today is Earth Day, a globally celebrated movement for education, action, and change around environmental issues that began in 1970. Like Elon Musk, many immigrants have contributed to building a clean and green future in the United States by creating many environmentally focused start-ups here. Here are a few examples of how energy-conscious immigrants used…

Today’s NY Primary: How Immigrants are Contributing in the Empire State

April 19, 2016

After rigorous campaigning in the Empire State, the presidential hopefuls watch as New Yorkers head to the polls today to vote in the state’s primary election. Clinton, Sanders, and Trump certainly hope to reign victorious on their home turf, especially since New York has the potential to award a large number of delegates—95 for Republicans…

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