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Unite Iowa Immigration Forum brings presidential candidates and community leaders together in Storm Lake, IA

August 31, 2015

As the first state in the nation to hold its caucuses, Iowa sets the tone for the rest of the nation. The subject of immigration reform brought together Iowans on the front lines of immigration issues to convene with presidential candidates in an effort to find constructive, common ground. “It’s an attempt to bring people…

On Immigration: An Open Letter to Candidates from Early State Voters

August 27, 2015

To help out my fellow early-state voters, I’ve prepared a form letter for you to send to your favorite candidates. No thanks are necessary. * * * Dear [candidate name]: First of all, let me say that I’m a big fan of your [soaring rhetoric/personal narrative/incredible hair], and I think that your record as [governor…

Immigration Reform Would Alleviate America’s Aging Crisis, New Research Briefs Show

August 25, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2015 CONTACT: Sarah Doolin, Immigration Reform Would Alleviate America’s Aging Crisis, New Research Briefs Show New York, NY—To mark Senior Citizens Day, which honors the elderly and their role in American life, the Partnership for a New American Economy released four research briefs that examine the role immigrants play in alleviating…

Chicago Aldermen, Advocates Release City Proposals To Strengthen Immigrant Integration

August 20, 2015

Chicago aldermen and immigrant advocates unveiled a list of proposals Tuesday aimed at improving the lives of immigrants across the city. Issues of language access, legal representation, safety and services for immigrants are addressed in the Chicago Immigration Policy Working Group’s six-point immigrant integration plan. The newly-formed working group is comprised of three Chicago council members, Alds. Susan…

For Hispanic Conservatives, Alarm Over Immigration Debate

August 19, 2015

When Donald Trump used the word “criminals” to describe illegal immigrants from Mexico, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly called his comments “extremely counterproductive.” Now, listen to the more personal language that Gonzalo Ferrer, the national chairman of the group, uses to describes Mr. Trump’s most recent contributions to the immigration debate: “Extremely bigoted, offensive to all Hispanic-Americans, unconstitutional…

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