People come from around the world to visit America’s great landmarks and attractions, generating billions of dollars of economic activity across the country. But the country’s current visa system creates long wait times and costly hurdles, both for eager foreign tourists and temporary immigrant workers in the tourism industry. The average tourist from China spends $6,243 during his or her trip, and the average tourists from India and Brazil spend $6,131 and $4,940, respectively. But long waits for visas – more than 100 days for an interview in Brazil – have resulted in tourists traveling elsewhere. Between 2000 and 2010, these delays cost the United States $606 billion in travel and tourism output, 467,000 American jobs, and as many as 78 million visitors.

Meanwhile, businesses that serve these tourists face their own bureaucratic barriers to hiring the temporary labor they need. Obtaining an H-2B visa for a temporary worker requires navigating three separate federal agencies, takes about 8 weeks to process, and costs roughly $2,500 per applicant. Visa reform is critical to ensure America’s tourism industry continues to have a steady flow of customers from around the world, as well as the staff it needs to meet demand.

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Reason for Reform Campaign Launches with New Data, 62 Events in All 50 States Calling for Immigration Reform

August 3, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 3, 2016 CONTACT Sarah Doolin Roy, Reason for Reform Campaign Launches with New Data, 62 Events in All 50 States Calling for Immigration Reform Fifty-one new reports (every state plus Washington DC) make the economic case for immigration reform New digital tool allows users to make a video calling for…

Carl Sobocinski: Focus on immigration reform

June 3, 2015

Tourism is the backbone of South Carolina’s economy. Generating $18 billion in annual revenue during some of the worst economic times in American history, the Palmetto state is finally on pace to have a record 2015! Thanks in part to an economy that has stabilized and dropping fuel prices, we’ll see more families hit the…

Three Ads You Won’t See During the Super Bowl, But You Should Still Watch

January 28, 2015

This Sunday, some of the biggest brands in the country will interrupt the bathroom breaks of more than one hundred million viewers with clever television ads. We thought we’d save the money and your bladders by sharing three ads in advance that demonstrate the impact immigrants have on important U.S. industries.   Shredding Opportunity  …

Summit County, Breckenridge ski tourism might benefit from smarter visa laws

January 21, 2015

For international tourists, a weeklong ski vacation to Breckenridge begins months or even years before they set skis to snow. Take a family from Brazil: Before booking a room on Ski Hill Road, everyone in the family must first be approved for a nonimmigrant visa, commonly known as a tourist visa. Since Brazil isn’t one…

Business group releases study showing benefits of expanding Visa Waiver Program

December 18, 2014

The Partnership for a New American Economy on Monday released a new study showing how expanding the Visa Waiver Program to six new countries – Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Poland, South Africa, and Turkey – would result in $7.66 billion additional spending and 50,000 American jobs within five years. “Tourism is such an important part of Colorado’s…

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